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Please fill one form per team.
We require the FULL NAME of each performer. Ensure that the name you write here it is the same name they use when buying the pass (I.E. Some students like to have a different name on FB, that it is different from their real name). If you are not quite sure about their name, please include their EMAIL address, so we can find them on our system.
There is a MINIMUM of 6 performers and a MAXIMUM of 18 performers allowed per team due to space limitations.

Your Commitments

I declare that:
1. Any repairs or excessive cleaning to equipment, property or facilities belonging to either the Byron Latin Fiesta or the venue management caused by a direct or indirect result of our performance will incur fees for which our performance team will be liable.
2. The Byron Latin Fiesta is not responsible for any goods or materials or belongings of our performance team or any associated individuals, while on premises controlled and/or operated by the Byron Latin Fiesta, and will not be liable for any loss or damage, injury, death, cost or expense caused to any person or property used by the performers as part of the performance or brought by the performers or any person associated with the performance to premises controlled or operated by the Byron Latin Fiesta.
3. The performers indemnify the Byron Latin Fiesta management against all loss or damage to the principal’s property and from and against any claim, demand action suit or proceeding that may be made or brought by any person against the Principal, or any employee, contractor or agent of the principal in respect of personal injury to or death of any person of loss of or damage to any property whatsoever arising out of or as a result of the performance

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