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Byron Latin Fiesta brings a new dimension to this years festival. With a wealth of information and experience, our guest speakers bring their wisdom and insight on a range of interconnected topics that will appeal to all individuals, dancer or not. Attend one or more sessions and be inspired to do more in the beautiful surroundings of Byron Bay. We look forward to seeing you.

David Roland



Edwin Ferreras



Sky Blue



Juan Ruiz



Talk Series Venue

Byron Bay English Language School

Talk Series Schedule

Schedule of Talks:
Saturday, 4th November
11.10 – 12.10am – David Roland: The Power of Music and Dance to Heal
12.20 – 1.20 – Juan Ruiz: Engaging your audience with confidence
2.20 – 3.20 – Edwin Ferreras: History and Heritage of Dance in the Dominican Republic.
3.30 – 4.30 – Sky Blue: Dance, A Framework for Life

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Talk Series- TOPICS


Internationally published author and psychologist, David Roland, shares his story of recovery from stroke and trauma using music and dance. He describes what science says about the impact of music and dance on the brain and body and what are the practical ways we can all use music and dance for health, well-being and brain fitness.

Entrepreneur, Dance school owner and event director, Juan Ruiz asks, when it is your turn to speak, what do you say first? a simple Hello? Or, are there other ways that you can instantly start developing rapport with your audience? What do you say next? We all do have interesting things to share, it’s how we share them that makes them interesting. Small changes in your language and body positioning can make a big difference in how the audience responds to you.

Highly experienced dance instructor, designer and event director, Sky Blue shares insights into the world of dance from her experiences of teaching dance to hundreds of students over the years along with personal experiences of how she has used dance throughout her life for her own well-being. Some of the topics to be covered will include, following your passions, building your confidence and working with strength under adversity. She will also touch on different elements from dance that can help support a healthy life.

Guest speaker Edwin M. Ferreras, International Ambassador of Dominican Arts will provide a presentation with a more holistic approach to the education of Bachata music and dance covering five key components: History, Culture, Music, Dance and the progression and evolution of Bachata around the world. Plus, *Special Bonus* a visual timeline of the history of bachata from its roots in Danzon-Son-Bolero and its Merengue influences demonstrated by Edwin & Dakota (Evolution of Bachata in 60 seconds).

“This Talk Series will offer a unique opportunity to dive deep into Dominican culture, music and art in hopes of deepening our understanding of the genre that has been taking over the dance world!”

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